Straightforward steps make finding a job easy


Valenzuela pours 3 ounces of chia seeds into a glass jar before filling with Green 3 juice, full of greens and pineapple. Photo by Emma Thomas

Sage Valenzuela walked into her first day at Raw 101 happy and excited because she got a job revolving around healthy foods, her passion. Here are a few steps to help students pursue their passion through finding jobs.

  1. Find your passion: What interests you? The food industry? Retail? If you don’t know yet, pick something you can gain experience from.
  2. Build a résumé: Compile a list of experience and activities you are involved in. There are many resources online to help you do this. Make sure it’s easy for the employer to understand your résumé.
  3. Dress for success: Dress for the position you want, not the position you have. A first impression is everything, so look put together and prepared. You can still express yourself fashionably but it must be appropriate for a workplace.
  4. Go to the business: Ask for the manager and introduce yourself. Be respectful and ask if they have any job openings.
  5. Fill out an application: Complete it neatly and bring back to the business in a timely manner along with your résumé and written recommendations.
  6. Get an interview: You may not hear back from the manager for a couple days to a couple weeks. Be patient but persistent. Going back to that business to follow up on your application never hurts.
  7. Preparation: Be ready to answer common interview questions and dress well.
  8. End on a high note: When the interview ends, offer a confident handshake and eye contact.