Kung Pao chicken delivers fresh flavor


It was six in the morning on a Saturday in January. Music blasted through my ears as my mom yelled my name, for about the 20th time. I lazily got up walking to the kitchen as I recalled what was going on.

Later that day a potluck was going to be held at a friend’s house and my mom planned a trying something new. Approaching the kitchen I sensed a faint sweet smell in the air along with chicken. Being the taste tester of my family I get the lucky chance to eat any new dish my mom cooks up. This time it was a homemade kung pao chicken.

Made in different versions, kung pao chicken is one of those special dishes my mom made for special occasions only. Being a family of four we’ve eaten a lot of chicken, at least five times a week, but this dish was different.

I snatched a fork from the kitchen counter, hearing a slight crunch as I stab it into the chicken.

Slightly anxious, I take a bite of the chicken.

As it touched my tongue my mouth exploded with flavor and my eyes pop out in surprise. The sauce on the chicken made my mouth drool for more, the seasoning was perfect, and the slightly burned nuts gave a good crunch to the meat. There were vegetables, too giving the kung pao a fresh taste. The meat, boneless chicken, was cooked to perfection, not dry at all and very juicy.

From that day on, my mom cooked up this meal at least twice a year.Every time I hear the words my mouth instantly starts dripping with saliva, remembering the moment when I first ate the chicken. Once eating the juicy meat its pretty hard to forget about. I’ve also learned chicken is best served warm fresh from the pan, although it’s fine later on.

I wish to learn about this recipe later on my life, hoping the same juiciness can be tasted when I make the kung pao. Learning the recipe will also give me a great new experience that I’m willing to remember forever.