Banana bread brings us closer

Banana bread brings us closer

Ever since I was a little girl I recall my favorite food for my mom to make was banana bread. I loved walking into the kitchen and smelling Hershey chocolates and bananas mixed together it smelled so decadent once it comes out of the oven. There really no other word to explain this bread besides divine

Once Thanksgiving comes around is normally when the I start to crave banana bread. Every Thanksgiving my family and I all travel to Montana, because my aunts and uncles live there so since we aren’t able to see them very much we always try to travel there on the important holidays. Every year my mom, sisters, my aunts and I all gather in the kitchen and make our favorite fall treats. Making this bread was so peaceful, putting all the ingredients together filled the house with this amazing comforting smell.

I always get the wonderful job of making the banana bread. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about this bread that makes you feel like you’re at home. Its rich, soft bits put you at peace.
Normally once dinner is over there isn’t much of the bread left but I always made sure to put a few pieces in a plastic bag and hide them, then at midnight I snuck down stairs and piece by piece enjoyed myself. Softly biting into this bread was like coming home from a stressful day and just jumping on your bed.

There are many more things I can say about the bread but overall what it did was bring my family together to enjoy ourselves and catch up.