Pumpkin Bars


Tara Donne

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes; Paula Deen

The fresh scent of pumpkin and cinnamon in the air always reminds me of the joyous evenings spent around the fire at my uncle and Aunt’s home in Lake of the Pines.
Every Christmas Eve prior to last year my family and I would drive up from Sacramento to Auburn to spend the holidays with family.
My Grandpa (who is now passed) would always do his best to make the trip from the bay area with my grandma.
Everyone was looking forward to different things be it receiving presents or spending time with family members. I was looking forward to both of those things, but most of all I was looking forward to the food.
My family, is full of great cook’s whether it be my dad or my aunt great tasting food was never an issue although it was only during this time of the year that pumpkin bars were made.
The mixture of pumpkin, sugar, butter and other ingredients i’m not too sure of creates a warm gooey sensation that melts in your mouth. My aunt would always serve these to us fresh out of the oven right as we were opening presents.
The joy of opening presents and spending time with my loved ones was amplified upon the introduction of these bars. The rest of the night would be spent sipping eggnog and watching “A Christmas Story” (my dad’s favorite).
The following day I said goodbye to my relatives and take on the measly one and half hour trip back to Natomas eager to show my friends the new gifts I had received, but even more eager to get home and finish the leftover pumpkin bars I brought with me.