Janah DeLany recounts performing with Rocklin cheer team at Quarry Classic


Cheerleaders perform during halftime to Zara Larrson’s “Ain’t my fault” with Rocklin’s varsity cheer team at the Quarry Classic men’s varsity basketball game Dec. 13. Photo by Lizzie Salvato

For the first time in Quarry Classic history, the Whitney and Rocklin varsity cheer teams performed a halftime routine together. This brought the two schools together even at the height of the rival game. Janah DeLany talks about the experience.

Q: What was it like practicing with Rocklin’s cheerleaders?

A: It was fun to see how they practice and how different our two teams are. It was also a little bit competitive, because we saw the Rocklin stunt groups hitting their stunts and skills, so we realized what we needed to do to match up to their level.

Q: Who choreographed the routine?

A: One of the Rocklin assistant coaches choreographed the dance. Rylea Gillis and I choreographed Whitney’s tumbling, jumps, and pyramid section.

Q: How does it feel to unite two schools as “rivals” in Rocklin?

A: It was exciting to be able to show our skills as well as theirs in the same performance.

Q: Do you hope to perform more routines together in the future with Rocklin, possibly at football games?

A: Yeah, I had a great experience unifying our performance and I would love to do it again.

Q: How do you think it’s improved/impacted your team?

A: I think it’s made our team stronger and more confident seeing that we are just as skillful as Rocklin.

Q: What was the performance like?

A: The performance was exhilarating and it was the best we’ve ever performed the routine.

Q: How do you think the audience reacted?

A: I think they had a good reaction. We had a loud applause from both the Rocklin and Whitney audiences and we received many compliments afterwards.