Advanced Dance Show showcases Dance II-IV students’ learning over school year

With 29 dances in less than two hours, “Lights, Camera, Dance!” represented seven months of learning, cleaning, marking and performing for Dance II-IV students.

Dancers in all the advanced classes attended rehearsals from May 15 -18 for their three shows May 19 – 20 themed “Lights, Camera, Dance!”. The shows consisted of a sold-out opening night at 7p.m. May 19, a matinee at 2 p.m. May 20 and a closing show at 7 p.m. the same night. 

Advanced dance teacher Mrs. Mallory Ansley, dance interns, or a combination of both choreographed the routines present in the show. 

 “The process of making choreography, selecting music and creating formations are a 100% collaborative process with my peer interns and Ansley. Cooperating with others makes the process of creating choreography much easier, whether it be asking another intern for help on a specific piece of a routine or needing an opinion from Ansley,” Bowen Dayrit said.

Interns or Ansley taught the dances in equal segments, teaching a third of the dance each day and using the final days to clean and test dancers on their ability to pick up the routine. 

With songs ranging from a remix of the intro to “Kim Possible” to “Mean Girls: The Musical”’s “Revenge Party,” a variety of styles, ranging from tap to hip-hop were showcased in the show. There were also dances for seniors and interns exclusively. 

Katie Lacy said, “When I got off of [the] stage during the finale with my graduation gown on, I cried. For me, right now, I don’t see myself dancing on a stage in front of a crowd again. That feeling of being under the lights and hearing the roar of the crowd is one of the best feelings ever. Being a senior is exciting and sad at times, but this weekend will always make me remember my senior year.”