Matt Honberger explains impact on varsity volleyball players due to smaller roster


With a 10-3 record, the men’s varsity volleyball team has managed to win despite a smaller roster when compared to past seasons. Usually a team consists of 12 players, but this year only 10 players are on varsity. Returning varsity player, Matt Honberger, reveals how the smaller team size affects the players and the game.

Q: How does this year’s team compare to teams from past years?

A: Last year we had 15 players, and the year before we had 18.

Q: How has it impacted this year’s team in both good and bad ways?

A: It has its pros and its cons. Since we do have [fewer] people there is more one-on-one time with the coach. Also, everyone on the team will get lots of playing time and play a key role on the team. The cons are that if anyone gets hurt or is sick, we don’t have anyone to replace them, so it’s crucial we stay healthy. During practice, we don’t have enough people to scrimmage, so we don’t get a lot of real game-like situations.

Q: How does the size of the team impact each individual player?

A: Each player has a lot more responsibility to making it to practice on time, keeping themselves healthy and keeping their attitude positive.

Q: How are practices and games affected?

A: During practice, we can’t scrimmage from the lack of players, so we don’t get a lot of game situations during practice, and that hurts us during the games and during clutch situations. In games, we have no subs, so if someone is having an off night we just have to try and pick them up mid-game.

Q: Do you have different traditions with a smaller team?

A: No, we still do things the same as normal. We have team dinners every Tuesday at one of the teammates’ houses.

Q: Does the team work harder as a result?

A: Yes, we work harder but we really have to work smarter to avoid getting hurt or over exhausted from our hard work.

The varsity volleyball team’s next home game is April 19 at 6:15 p.m. against Ponderosa.