Madame Shoop’s travels help her teach


Madame Bettina Shoop discusses her life story as she finishes preparing for her classes in the morning, Nov. 27. Photo by Anjani Kedia.

A major part of her life has been traveling the world.

Madame Bettina Shoop has been teaching French I-IV since 2010. When she turned 18, Shoop left her hometown of Northern France to start her journey. Right after leaving France, Shoop moved to Britain for two and a half years. As a vacation, she then took a break to go and live in Morocco for 10 years, and then to the United States for a couple of months. Later she went back to Europe to live in Italy for about a year. After Italy, Shoop went to live in Panama for about three years, then back to Morocco. To complete her travels she came back to the United States and lived in Virginia.

“After this I finally arrived in California, where I have been ever since,” says Shoop.

Her travels and experience have helped her gain new experiences in teaching because she got to partake in different cultures first hand.

Currently, she is the only French teacher.

“I love my work. It’s very engaging and every day is different. Every class and every student is different. It’s very rewarding and challenging,” Shoop said.

Shoop enjoys teaching French, as she loves to spread her culture to new students every year.

In order to increase the enrollment of students taking French, Shoop suggests that an earlier program for the language in elementary and middle school might motivate students later.

“This would be very helpful because my class sizes would increase and I would get to teach new students,” Shoop said.

Her students, her job and her traveling memories keep Shoop dedicated to continue doing what she loves every day.