Graduation requirements stress out seniors

Photo by Margaret Tinker

With the end of the school year fast approaching most students are thinking about how they are going to spend their summer, being out of school and homework-free for two and a half months.

While this may be in the back of every senior’s mind, it’s usually a whole different story for them.

“I’m more worried about if I don’t pass a class for my college but graduation requirements put on stress because we don’t have that many assignments so each one it really important to pass,” Armando Velasquez said.

Every senior’s graduation requirements is different depending on course credits but what they all have in the common is the need to pass government and English.

With all of the end of the year and seniors scurrying to bring up grades quickly, there’s also a little thing called senioritis going around, making it harder to concentrate.

“I have senioritis. I don’t want to do anything,” Maggie Andrada said.

Every senior needs 250 credits to graduate and and if they don’t make this requirement they will not be able to participate in graduation or earn a diploma. The final cutoff is May 27th and that is when grades will be due.

No matter how bad the senioritis is or how far behind you are, one thing is certain. Graduation requirements are necessary and in order to walk on the football field on June 2, every senior needs to complete their required courses.