Local scholarship pageants increase in popularity

At Blacktop Comedy, Miss Junior Teen Placer County Jordan Craft works on rehearsing material for upcoming pageants. Photo by Dena Higgy.
While dancing to the song, “Confident” by Demi Lovato, Jordan Craft practices some of the motions. Photo by Brianna Muldong.
In the middle of the routine, Shayna Frink tells Jordan Craft about correct motion placement. Photo by Brianna Muldong.
With all the girls on stage, Jordan Craft and Kiki Raffity rehearse the walking part of the routine. Photo by Brianna Muldong.
After a year of doing local pageants, Miss Junior California, Kiki Raffity, continues to observe new concepts of pageant life. Photo by Dena Higgy.
During the routine, Shayna Frink teaches the girls the next part of the dance. Photo by Dena Higgy.


While walking on stage, Jordan Craft demonstrates her “gown walk”. Photo by Brianna Muldong.
While practice talking into the mic, Jordan Craft answers Shayna Frink’s question of, “What’s your ideal date and why?” Photo by Brianna Muldong.
Teaching the pageant girls the upcoming dance, Shayna Frink demonstrates some of the moves. Photo by Dena Higgy.
While the other Kennedy pageant girls are presenting their gown walks, Jordan Craft and Ava pay close attention. Photo by Brianna Muldong.