Revealing the man behind the glasses


Photo used by 20th Century Fox, used with permission under fair use

From stage to screen, Queen is reintroduced in an impactful and enlightening film that leaves you wanting more. “Bohemian Rhapsody” (PG-13), directed by Bryan Singer, is based around the hit seventies band, specifically the life of lead singer, Freddie Mercury, played by Rami Malek. This film unfolds the story of how Queen came to be and how they developed their unique sound. The audience is taken on a ride through Freddie’s life beginning when he was a quiet, shy boy with a great interest in music, through his career and concluding with his death. As a long-time Queen fan, seeing this story brought to life on the big screen left me in awe. This movie is for a large audience; long-time fans, those looking to learn about the iconic band, or even someone who is looking for a movie with a good soundtrack. Bohemian Rhapsody is the movie for them.

After performing for the first time together as a new band, the band mates quickly learn Freddie’s very distinct way of performing. With his unique and flamboyant movements along the stage, Malek portrayed Freddie and his mannerisms flawlessly. From the costumes and accents to the attention to detail, such as Freddie always wearing his very distinct sunglasses, it is evident Malek as well as the rest of the cast spent countless hours studying Queen.

Intimate details about Freddie Mercury were also shared in the film such as his engagement with best friend, Mary Austin that promptly ended. As well as how Freddie was a closeted gay man struggling with the judgment that would approach if he came out.

The attention to detail throughout the entire movie emphasized Freddie’s life along with the rest of the group and made the audience feel as if they were really there at a live performance. Not to mention the exquisite soundtrack that features over 20 original Queen songs, this film was flawlessly acted, produced and directed.