State testing begins Wednesday with modified schedule


On the first day back from spring break, Jessica Rose and Emily Cowles look at the testing schedule posted on their Schoology account. Photo by Sienna Eagle

Schoolwide testing takes place April 24-25, and students will be following a modified schedule each day.

Freshmen will be going to their room assignments, based on the period they have P.E., at the beginning of school. They are recommended to bring their devices for the rest of this week.

Sophomores will go through three different rotations April 24 and 25 from 8-10 a.m. and will be exposed to various career opportunities, explore their interests and access resources for college readiness. The counselors have planned different activities for sophomores, April 24, to gain more information about: Apprenticeships, Military Careers and Sierra College CTE Programs. There will then be an informational guest speaker on the topic of human trafficking awareness, April 25.

Counselor Mr. Patrick Floyd drew from previous experience when organizing the event.

“Growing up in Alaska, I had a lot of students who go get a four-year degree and can’t find work. When they come back they go, ‘I want to be a heavy equipment operator,’ and they could have done that when they were 18 as an apprentice for free. We want people to know about these opportunities, but they don’t have to choose them,” Floyd said.

Juniors will report to their assigned classroom and take the CAASPP Test April 24 and April 25.

Seniors will take the CAST, the California Science Test, April 24 in their assigned homeroom. During the extra time April 25, they will report in the large gym for a senior class meeting from 8-10 a.m.

Activities Director Mr. Jesse Armas said the meeting will cover information about senior activities and dates of sale, grad rows, cap and gown distribution, Sober Grad Night info and vote for the teacher speaker at graduation. Students will not need to bring anything to the meeting.

Seniors with off periods in the morning are required to stay on campus after being checked in for the day. The cafeteria will be open for students during the scheduled first block time period and will be supervised.