Spring tryouts begin for 2012 sports’ season

A boys’ varsity tennis player is working on his footwork for the upcoming season.  Photo by REEMA PATEL
Spring sports started with tryouts beginning Feb. 6 and continue until the teams’ first scrimmages, which may start Feb. 18; the spring season starts right after tryouts end. The spring sports teams available are boys’ baseball, boys’ golf, girls’ soccer, girls’ softball, swimming, boys tennis, track and boys volleyball. According to the student handbook, to be eligible for our sports teams, a student needs a physical/parent release form, an athletic handbook acknowledgement form, proof of insurance/risk warning form, to have all outstanding fees cleared, residential and athletic eligibility, a VAC form and to obtain an athletic clearance slip from the athletic office.The only change to the coaching staff this season is the addition of Mr. Anthony Medlin as the new boys’ JV volleyball coach, however, he has been involved with the girls’ volleyball program for three years now. The coaching staff is made up of Mr. Robert Dorchak (boys’ varsity baseball), Mr. Graylon Duncan (boys’ JV baseball), Mr. Patrick Floyd (boys’ freshman baseball), Mr. John Bosco (boys’ varsity golf), Mr. Tim Farnan (boys’ JV golf), Mrs. Ana Jones (girls’ varsity soccer), Ms. Joanna Miller (girls’ JV soccer), Mrs. April Steele (girls’ varsity softball), Mr. Anthony Ortiz (girls’ JV softball), Mr. Steve Casperite (boys’ varsity swim), Mr. Michael Chavez (boys’ JV swim), Mrs. Kari Ustaszewski (girls’ varsity swim), Mrs. Emily Zenoni (girls’ JV swim), Mr. Matt Holm (boys’ varsity tennis), Mr. Mark Snow (boys’ varsity track), Mrs. Lori Cook Hawkins (girls’ varsity track), Mrs. Kirsten Gideon-Parker (boys’ varsity volleyball) and the new Mr. Anthony Medlin (boys’ JV volleyball).

All coaches must follow the school’s set sports requirements, but they still have a subjective opinion whereas possible players are concerned. Most of the coaches said they were looking for well-rounded athletes who are coachable, are capable in school, and have an overall pleasant personality. Coach Robert Dorchak uses a formula to rate his players according to physical ability and academic ability.

“I rank all my potential players (sophomores through seniors) in order of their GPA.  Then, they get ranked according to their Quality Points (points earned from their batting practice rounds and outstanding defensive plays over the course of the week).  I add these two ranked numbers together and divide by two.  I will take the top 12. Spots 13 and above go to pitchers and students with high GPAs,” Dorchak said.

If a student has the necessary qualifications, he or she may openly go to any tryout. Each sport is held on a different part of the athletic side of the school’s campus depending on the sport and the coach’s preference. Baseball tryouts and practices are held on the boys’ baseball fields, golf practices are subject to open courses throughout the season, girls’ softball tryouts and practices are held either on the grass field or the football field, girls’ softball tryouts and practices are held on the girls’ softball fields, swim practices are held at the pool, boys’ tennis practices are held at the tennis courts, track practices are held at the track and boys’ volleyball tryouts and practices are held in either the big or small gym.

“Try-outs generally last from a few days until after the teams’ first scrimmage, but it is entirely up to the coaches how they handle their try-outs,” athletic director Mr. Manny Rodriguez said.

All tryouts and practices are presently happening for each sport with times depending on each sport. Practice times range from 3 p.m. to 5-6 p.m. Coaches are looking for good grades and dedication to his or her sport and there are still many spots available on most teams.