“The Mandalorian” Season 2 is the most intriguing short binge show


Photo from disneyplus.disney.com, used with permission under fair use.

After the popular first season of “The Mandalorian,” Disney decided to continue the show, releasing Season 2. Seeing as “Baby Yoda” was a trending topic, some fans possibly wanted to see more of the Mandalorian and “Baby Yoda,” which is why a new season was released. In the first season, we see this bounty hunter, a Mandalorian, who is part of a clan-based group from the planet Mandalore in the Star Wars universe. Our protagonist is named Din Djarin. Although not many people know about his name, to strangers, he is called “The Mandalorian,” or “Mando” for short. The show introduces this baby character who looks a lot like Yoda. For those that do not know, Yoda is a Jedi in the Star Wars universe first introduced in the big hit movies. He was referred to by fans as “Baby Yoda,” but we learn in season 2 that his name is Grogu. The first season was mostly Din Djarin and Grogu trying to escape imperial soldiers, venturing to the outer sectors of space, helping those in need, and meeting friends. However, the show goes into more compelling and engaging battle scenes that are alluring to watch.

We last saw the Mandalorian leaving his newfound comrades to focus on finding the home of Grogu. In the current season, we see Din Djarin engage in lots of battles with all kinds of creatures. Due to his newfound mission, he visits other places to see if he can find any information to help Grogu. Most of the planets he visits have creatures and he can’t avoid them since he helps others with their problems, and some involve large size, planetary creatures. We also get to see him meet some new foes and friends along the way. As Grogu tags along with him, we get to see them bond a little more. As the season progresses, we get to know a little more about new and old characters alike. We see from the post-credit scene of the finale that Disney hints at another Star Wars story that will be coming out possibly in the near future.

We would not say we’re the biggest Star Wars fans, just a little bit apprised. However, it is one of our favorite movie series to watch. Seeing “The Mandalorian” come out in late 2019, we were hesitant to watch it since it did not seem very interesting. Now after finishing the first season it was exciting to hear them release a new season. As we were learning about Din Djarin’s story and how he got involved with Grogu. They are a delightful duo. The comedic bits between them like where Grogu was left alone in his ship but went after him after being told not to was lovely to see, and we enjoyed those bits. The action scenes and CGI, like the spaceships flying through space, and some gunfights, are done nicely. It does not feel like a regular television show, and it is well done. The villains and antagonists were also intriguing and very well done, they were after Grogu so it was cool to learn about their reasons. New characters, all the cast, did well playing their parts. When they were fighting we could almost feel their pain. Costume and weapon designs were my favorite. We liked the design and how some bounty hunter’s costumes looked super cool; the art and production team did excellent work. Seeing his armor improving as the show progressed was also lovely to see since most shows stick to one or two costumes for the character. Fight scenes were incredible, very grounded, and all the stunt scenes were solid. Very enjoyable to watch. The only downside of the show is that it’s only eight episodes, even with having a total of 16 episodes, it’s not enough to last a week if you binge. The show left us wanting more after Season 1, anticipating for the next season to come; When it finally did we were beyond excited, then it sadly ended again. However, this is an amazing show and we definitely would recommend these to those who also love action and adventure shows, “Star Wars” fans or not.