Concert Choir, Jazz Band combine for May 24 concert

After rehearsing all semester, the Concert Choir and the Jazz Band classes performed together in concert May 24 in the WHS Theater. The concert consisted of songs from 1930-2003, performed by 33 choir students and 20 band students.

Several students such as choir student Sydney Galvez auditioned to perform solos and spent time at school and home practicing.

“In order to prepare for this concert, all members of the choir as a whole practiced each song and made sure we understood which parts we struggled with and more. We used methods such as performing in small groups as well as singing other parts’ as a way for them to easily understand as well. To prepare for my solo ‘I get a kick out of you,’ after being accepted through the audition process, I spent time practicing at home with an audio recording yet also during school hours when I would take some time out of my fourth period class to perform with the jazz band and practice the song before performing it live,” Galvez said.

As a senior, Anika Jayaram sang in her last performance with the program. She sang “Love is Here to Stay,” by Dave Wolpe.

“I chose this song because I felt like it was a piece that I could change slightly and make it my own. In the future, I hope to continue to perform at cafès and fairs. I will also continue to produce music and release songs. Hopefully in college, I can find a group of people that I can sing and play my electric guitar with,” Jayaram said.

In addition to singing, Armaan Sharma chose to play an instrument.

“The concert was a culmination of a semester of hard work of all the performers. I chose to join the jazz band because I have performed trumpet in a band class since 5th grade and I love the collaboration and performance aspect of it,” Sharma said.

To pursue his passion for music, junior Dario Ruscica performs in the concert as one of the four guitarists in jazz band.

“I chose to join jazz band because I have performed in a band class since fifth grade and I love the collaboration and performance aspect of it. The environment is very positive and whether you are a beginner or not you will be welcomed and you will have a lot of fun,” Ruscica said.