Staffers rate their five must-see places at Westfield Galleria in Roseville for Homecoming dresses


As Homecoming approaches, Koda Cedor decided to look around on Sept. 10 at the “I’m a Star,” store for their homecoming dress. Photo by Izzy Lenik.

Homecoming is on Oct. 8 which is two weeks away, and as it’s nearing, more people have been going to their favorite stores to buy dresses. But do you know where you’re going to get yours?

We went to the Westfield Galleria to get ours, and here are our opinions on what we thought of some of the stores there.



This was the first store we went to, and we only looked around for a little while. That little time was all we needed to figure out that we didn’t want to get our dresses here. From what we saw, their selection was kind of limited and that makes sense, given that they sell home goods along with clothes. Overall we just didn’t really like what they had there, as they had more basic dresses that lacked creativity and any sort of flashiness. We would not recommend going here.


This store is very popular among us teens to go for dresses, which is completely valid for what they offer. When viewing it online, there was a wide selection of dresses in many different colors, styles and sizes for decent prices of about $40-60. However, when we visited it, it was very busy with long lines to the dressing rooms and to purchase. Due to its popularity, there were very few selections in the store. If you do end up looking for dresses here, we recommend checking out its website instead of going in person. Even though we didn’t end up getting a dress from there, Kylie Schainker did.. “[The store] was very packed but overall had a good selection to choose from so I do recommend going there,” she said.



This store was where I, Izzy, got my dress last year and I thought for sure I was going to get this year’s dress there, too – but that didn’t happen. We went in there and looked around, but didn’t see very much. They were also very expensive, around $60-150, and in my opinion ridiculously overpriced; they were also just not what we were looking for. Sure, they were cute, just not our style. They had a lot of duplicate dresses in different colors, which were fun because they were brightly colored, but they were all the same. They also had a lot of sparkle which is cute if you are into that. I would only recommend this if you had a lot of money to spend and were fine with maybe getting the same dress as someone else because of their small selection.


Garage has many different styles of clothing, and one of those styles of clothing that really popped out was their dresses. Most of their clothing there is a little pricey, but when comparing the prices of their dresses to other stores, we would consider it decent. We talked to someone who got her dress at Garage and asked her how she felt about the store. “The line was horrible there because it was so busy, and the dresses were all pretty simple. If you go there, that’s what you should expect,” Angelica Dianala said.


I’m A Star

This store was by far our favorite as we both got our dresses here. We had never even heard of this store before and as we were walking around and looking we just barely caught it out of the corner of our eyes. It was good that we saw it though, seeing as we had just gone through the other stores and saw nothing that we liked. It had just an overall good atmosphere, like it was pleasing and energetic and they had good selections for a reasonable price, and their employees were kind and considerate. We would definitely recommend going here. During our visit at I’m A Star, we interacted with one of the employees and got her opinion on how she felt about the busy season. “Our store is kind of quiet and it’s not as mainstream as some of the other stores. But during the Homecoming and Prom seasons, we get very busy. There’s a lot of sales, and it’s hard to keep up since we’re not used to it,” Brianna Woods said.