Q&A: Life as a Mormon with Taylor Wagnon


As many of us know, there are many religions that populate our world. today we will be following Taylor Wagnon and how his past and daily life are affected in his life as a Morman.

Q: Can you please define what is a Mormon?

A: So we’re not really supposed to be called Mormons, we’re supposed to be called LDS as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. We worship Christ so we’re technically Christians, but we also have a second book or technically third as there is the Old Testament, New Testimate, and The Book of Morman. There are a few other ones like the Pearl of Great Price and the Joseph Smith Translation. It is basically a person who reads The Book of Mormon and is a part of our church.

Q: What differences does Mormonism have as opposed to other branches of Christianity?

Caeden: So you may have accidentally answered this question with your last answer.

Q: How often do you have church Service?

A: Every sunday, then twice a year there is something called a state conference where we all meet together kinda. There’s a lot in our area so we kind of discuss what’s happening or just talks and stuff. There are also activities sometimes, in my ward they’re on wednesdays though it depends on which ward you’re in.

Q: Are there any special rules you have to follow?

A: We follow the Ten Commandments and have this guide book called For The Strength of Youth, they are guidelines we live by and how to be a good person of god. For example “your language reflects your relation to god”  so basically if you cuss a bunch, you can still be a good person but it’s just harder to achieve greatness. There are others like I can’t drink, smoke or do drugs to keep a healthy body.

Q: How does your religion affect your life?

A: It gives me a path to success in life, trials are a huge part of our religion. They help me improve who I am and do good in life.

Q: Do you do anything special with your church friends?

A: There’s something called seminary, it’s before school once a week there’s like activities and it’s pretty fun.

Q: Does your church allow anyone to take part in your religion?

A: yes, all we ask is that you follow the guidelines. If your like a truly evil person, then we will still help you as our religion is one of forgiveness and change. Once a year there is something called FSY (For Strength of Youth), it’s basically an event hosted by the church that is mainly speeches from motivational speakers, the ones I’ve been to have been really touching and it’s a way you can be with and connect with people. Once at this talk there was this guy, who was a Sex Offender/Predator and all around wasn’t a good person and believed he couldn’t change. He was told by the speakers to, “for the next year every day to read The Book of Mormon, I know you will change.”. The man said that “leopards don’t change their spots”, the speaker responded with, “I don’t work with leopards I work with people.”. I found that so powerful as it shows that people can change, even if they’re an awful person you can help them change. The moral from that is if you choose to become a good person you can join, that’s what we’re about.

Q: What holidays are a part of your Religion?

A: The same ones that are a part of Christianity.

Q: Does your church have any restrictions on love?

A: There used to be a rule where you weren’t permitted to date until you were 16 but since then it changed, so now you can date but one on one activities aren’t encouraged at all until you’re older. Basically don’t have sex until you’re married as the sanctity of your marriage should be protected, and if you do anything sexual with anyone or yourself as it is said that it can weaken your marriage. So another thing is that you can’t masturbate as it exposes those feelings before marriage and can weaken that marriage.

Q: Would you recommend conversion, why or why not?

A: Yes, I feel that’s what every religion says but I feel that our religion is the true religion and every religion also says that. It’s also called the thinker’s religion as we have many answers to many questions. Lots of people join and feel changed, it changes you to be a better person. Lots of people have seen their lives change.