Karan Singh talks about balancing his life between his studies and the gym


Karan Singh stands in front of the gym California Family Fitness.

Karan Singh, a student-athlete, goes to California Family Fitness, a gym close to where he lives. Last February, Karan Singh started to go to the gym. He didn’t expect anything big to happen just from going there. But, as he kept going to the gym, he began to see how much the gym had positively changed him mentally and physically.


Q: How long do you spend at the gym?
A: About two hours because it’s optimal.


Q: How does going to the gym affect school?
A: It takes time away from school but also helps my mental health a lot. It’s like a stress reliever.


Q: What motivates you to go to the gym?
A: Honestly, everything. Almost anything I see or do reminds me of how I can be better. Gym is the way I can be better at specific things.


Q: How do you balance going to the gym and school?
A: Just create a schedule you know, you can wake up like earlier, go to sleep earlier, you can always compromise something or do one of those. But the school’s always first.


Q: How has the gym affected you personally?
A: It’s improved a lot of things, like my stress levels, all that stuff. It just makes you happy going there, it’s a nice community, people are nice, and it changes you.


Q: Do you plan to continue this lifestyle in the future?
A: Yeah, of course. It’s a healthy lifestyle, you know, gym gets rid of a lot of diseases, obesity, all that type of stuff you know.


Q: What’s your favorite thing to do in the gym?
A: I like honestly everything. It’s all just fun