Dylan Makis basketball season


Q: Are you excited for basketball season? 

A: I’m very excited for basketball season, I’ve been putting in all the work, summer league, before school morning conditioning, and scrimmages. I’ve been locked in.


Q: How long have you been playing basketball for?

A: I have been playing basketball since 3rd grade with the Whitney program. As I got older I started playing with more teams, I’ve really just been playing with anyone who needs me.


Q: Do you see yourself playing basketball further than highschool?

A: It’s definitely a goal, I have been dreaming about it. To get there I have to put in double the work I’m putting in now. If it happens it happens but if it doesn’t then I’m sure there’s other places for me to go.


Q:Do you see the team doing well this season?

A:. Oh absolutely, we played summer league and did amazing. We lost maybe one or two games by maybe 2.


Q: How many Hours do you put in a week?

A: Most weeks it’s probably 10-12 hours, put in the work i9n the front for about an hour and then usually the rest is conditioning,weights, or games.


Q: Do you see yourself playing another sport?

A: I’ve been looking at volleyball during the spring because it could help my skills, like jumping, and my spatial awareness to see the court.            


Q: What is your question?



by [Micah Hutcherson]