Q&A with Julianne Sanchez: How do you balance school, family, and sports?


Q: How do you balance school, family, and sports?

A: I guess to do that I wanna make sure to leave time for everything.


Q: Is your school work always done in time? Tell me about how it works out.

A: Sometimes yes, practice is from 6-9 so it takes a big chunk out of my days. I barely have time to get homework done.


Q: Is it hard to get your school work done before or after your sport? Why?

A: I definitely will do it after softball sometimes, but my parents are on me for staying up too late doing my homework and not getting enough sleep.


Q: How do you ever have time for family?

A: I definitely wish I had more time to help around the house and do chores and stuff.


Q: What sport do you play? Tell me about it.

A: I play competitive softball. I used to play soccer and there’s a ton of running and I can’t do that so softball is nice because there’s not as much running and it’s kind of a faster sport, that’s what I would say.


Q: How many days a week is your sport? How much time is it taking up of your freetime?

A: Right now, I’ve had it a lot on Saturdays, sometimes Sunday. I usually have it on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the week.


Q: Do you enjoy playing your sport? Why?

A: Yes I do. I have a lot of fun with my sport. I like running base to base and hanging out and playing with my friends.


Q: Is your sport a passion? Is it something you want to do as a career?

A: Probably not, I feel like it’s more of a hobby. But I am getting more interested in technology.


Q: Is it hard balancing school, family, and sports?

A: Some struggles are making sure things are getting done on time, getting enough sleep, and not eating enough.


Q: What do you enjoy the most out of the three: school, family, and sports?

A: I like going to school even though there is a lot of homework, hanging out with my family, and playing softball. It’s pretty much a tie between all three.