Sam Aggrey-Fynn on what it’s like in Africa



While his parents being from Africa, Sam Aggrey-Fynn was born and raised on Rocklin and now plays water polo for Whitney High School.


Q: What’s it like in Africa? Is it any different compared to here in Rocklin?

A: The culture is the main thing that is different there. Instead of buying things at strip malls, they have booths by the side of the road where you can buy clothes or food or other things.

Q: Do you have family there? How often do you visit?

A: The majority of my family still lives there. I go back every few years; the last time I went to visit was last summer.

Q: In Africa is there any different food styles or types? Does it taste much different?

A: They have a special type of rice that kinda looks like Spanish Rice, but more flavorful. It tastes different, mainly because it’s mostly home-cooked; there are not many fast-food places.

Q: Do you like being in Africa or Rocklin more? Why?

A: I like both places, but for different reasons. I like Rocklin because I’ve grown up in this area; it’s where my friends live and I have lots of good memories here. At the same time, I like Ghana too, because it’s interesting to see my culture up close and personal, and I get to see my relatives too.

Q: What was it like for your parents in Africa?

A: They both grew up working-class, so it wasn’t always easy for them. However, they were both very talented, hard-working, and determined and worked towards a better life, the one they lead today.