Clothing trends for the upcoming seasons


Jillian Semple, Kaitlyn Townsley and Chloe Parker wear fall trends photo by SAVANNAH HOUDEK

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. Yank open your dressers stuffed with sweaters, scarves, and jeans and choose which items will look fabulous for the season. But which materials do you wear? Here are some tips and trends for anyone who wants to look fierce and fashionable, that will definitely make you a trendsetter.

For the ladies,

Winter White is the color to gravitate towards. It’s a perfect color to blend in with the ‘snowy’ time of year. That and shades of green are the go to colors this winter and even fall. Knit beanies, statement scarves and a standout coat is the thing this year. Some coats to look for are patent, tartan, or oversized pink coat. Looks copied exactly from the runway. According to Glamour magazine, classic patterns such as leopard, plaid, and pinstripes are the hit for this year. Look classy but still sassy!

Skirts don’t have to disappear this season, the new fluted skirt is taking place of the pencil skirt with warmer knitted material and more leg room so you don’t have to waddle like a duck in a tight pencil skirt. Plus add thick, printed tights or leggings with a more darker tone. Those and socks with lace frills are very hip with chunky boots or over the knee boots.

Dress for the cold! Turtlenecks and roll neck sweaters are very stylish for this season. As always, small, tight, big, baggy, or oversized sweaters will always be a trend. Switch it up by having it be off the shoulder, or find a funky print like blue camouflage. Which in fact is hitting the floor running. Another crazy print is metallic. Go metallic from low heel shoes, jackets, to even boots. As for accessories the mini bag is stealing up space which looks great with the pale sixties inspired style this season.

The best stores to look for these styles are Topshop by Nordstrom, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Macys. Of course there are plenty more but these are the key stores. Especially Nordstrom, with them having the B.P. Fashion Board for high schoolers they definitely know what’s in or out.

Now for the gentlemen,

 The colors that are in are grey on grey different shades will make you stand out also a burst of fuchsia or bright colors with a toned down denim is the way to go. As for jackets, the baseball jackets are making a show. When it comes to prints, supersize squares and plaid is shown all over jackets and flannels. And if you are daring turtlenecks and statement scarves are totally in! And as always beanies, and the surf/skate clothing are always making a statement.

Check out Tilly’s, Pacsun, Forever 21, Beachworks, Macy’s or Urban outfitters for some of the key materials.