X-Factor makes some changes

Photo Illustration by Amanda Peterson

Stands filled with students decked in maroon and screaming for their school. This is X-Factor.

“We want students to be wild and crazy in the stands while positively cheering on the Cats,” said Mr. Erich Means of the new and improved X-Factor, which he advises along with fellow teachers, Mr. Jason Feuerbach and Mr. Matt Yamamoto.

X-Factor is a school spirit club that has been around since 2007 with the main purpose of increasing student spirit and participation at the athletic events. Originally called the Wildcat Pack, they changed their name to X-Factor in 2008 and this year they are making even more changes.

This year the club plans to attend 24 events, covering almost every sport at the school. X-Factor cards have the schedule of events on them along with what prizes students can win for attending. One event earns a free t-shirt, while attending all 24 racks up a free ticket to either Junior Prom or Senior Ball.

Another change has to do with the attire. Not only does X-Factor want to see students wearing lots of maroon to each event, but the committee, comprised of eight leadership students and headed by commissioner Morgan Edwards, hopes to start somewhat of a new trend at the games. “We are going to have alter egos at the games. Everyone in leadership and anyone who wants to is going to wear a random costume to every game. This year is going to be much, much better. We want to have a huge crowd every night,” Edwards said.

As far as joining the club? All students have to do is show up to one of the events and check in at the student entrance. The first event is the water polo game on Sept. 1.

By Margaret Tinker