Procrastinating Christmas shoppers get more than they bargain for


A decorated Christmas tree on Dec. 25. Photo by HARMONY REILLY

As Christmas nears, people scramble to find the right gifts, perfect for their friends and loved ones. Some find the perfect item weeks before Christmas, and others put together a gift the night before. Whether you’re a big-spender or prefer to stretch a tiny budget, interesting things are bound to happen.

“One year, I had gotten my gifts for all my friends and family, but on Christmas Eve I realized I had completely forgotten about my sister, so I grabbed a shirt of hers that was in the back of her closet that she hardly wore. It looked new, and I honestly think she thought I had bought it, and after that she started wearing it,” Jordan Blackwell said.

Stores become more and more swarmed the closer it gets to Christmas, so finding a good gift before Christmas can be tough.

“I think some last-minute gifts are a picture of yourself, money of any kind, or something handmade that is sentimental, especially for parents!” Jonah Petty said.

For those with a more low-budget approach to Christmas, there are also plenty of great gift ideas, even in a small town like Rocklin. Buy a copy of the soundtrack to “Frozen” to give to the Disney lover in your family. iTunes gift cards never fail to impress, either.

“I’ve been getting beanies for people last-minute. I live near a Target and TJ Maxx, so they’re affordable. And everyone loves beanies,” Sam Raey-Gonzales said.

Good gift ideas that are simple and affordable are everywhere, if you know where to look.

“Some great gift ideas are always giftcards, that way the person can just choose whatever they want,” Georgia Minion said.

Many people have given their loved ones gifts that may have been less than perfect.

“I gave my sister a get-well card by accident! It was because she loved the show “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “McDreamy,” her favorite, was on the front of the card. It even said “Get well soon!” on it. I was 9! I just didn’t put the pieces together,” Petty said.

You know those family members who have absolutely no clue what to give and end up gifting a cat sweater or a cheesy family photo? Among those, there are other things to give that would end up on the “worst” list.

“I probably wouldn’t like it very much if someone bought me school supplies. I mean, who wants to think about that on Christmas day?” Blackwell said.

If you’re running low on time, gift cards are always a great back-up idea. Jewelry, books, movies, small handmade items — if you have an hour, you can put something together.