Students attend college fair at Rocklin High


On Sept. 14 students attended the college fair at Rocklin High which hosted a total of 63 colleges from around the country, including military recruiters.

At 6:30 p.m. Rocklin’s two gyms filled with juniors and seniors looking to get more information about majors, campus life, athletics and all that comes with attending college.

“I came to look at colleges. I wanted to look at the Marine Corps,” Brent Gibson said.

Not only do the prospective students benefit from this night, but so do the colleges. “College fairs help out with publicity. They get people thinking about ITT and if they want to go there,” said Breia Reinhard, a representative for ITT Technical Institute.

Along with the tables set up in the gyms, the college fair also included breakout sessions that took place in the theatre and library. Students and parents could go to these to learn more about Sierra, California State Universities, Universities of California, NCAA, private colleges and financial aid.

“I’m here to gain information about different colleges and the opportunities they may have,” Brady Haycock said.

Whether students came to get a new pamphlet for their dream college, or just to get one step closer to decide where they want to go or do, the college fair had something for everyone.