Enforced phone policy frustrates students


Students use their phones on campus. Photo Illustration by Kacie Nicholson

Going into the backpack, checking that one text and looking for the teacher. Is the coast clear?


As teenagers with lives outside of school, we are connected to our phones one way or another. We connnect with friends, employers, parents or other loved ones to arrange rides home, hang outs or study groups. No parent or sibling likes driving to the school only to have to turn back around and go home. Of course, school gets in the way and what the teachers say is ditch the phone during class.

It’s quite reasonable:  But of course! You can use your phone during break or lunch, the only free time you have in the six hours of school, to make sure your life outside of school is going well, and to relax before your last class with music or shows, or videos.

Ah those were the days when the policy was taken lightly, but this year it wont be taken that If phones are seen by teachers or other staff, the phones will be taken to the office with two hours of detention or parents will need to pick them up. The second offense will result in on-campus suspension.

I’m very irked,if not furious about this policy. It is unrealistic, unfair and even too controlling to do this to us. But some teachers feel it is a good idea for kids to disconnect and they encourage us not to use our phones. I feel quite the opposite.

Many students, especially older ones, have jobs, which require communication with employers about scheduling, hiring and any issues that arise. Students with anxiety illness can no longer relax with their music and wind down for their next class. I know that every day I need to coordinate with my dad how I get home since his job is all over the place. With this policy being enforced, I have no way of doing this and it’s frustrating for both me and my father.

The policy was decided over an incident that happened last year where inappropriate materials were posted online from students here.There have been rumors of it being a video that some boys took up girls skirts as they walked up stairs. Other rumors have been that it was in the locker room. The policy had always been around but only lightly enforced, however this year, the policy will be fully enforced and almost all teachers let us know on the very first day.

Because of the actions of these people, we are suffering. Instead of one punishment to that group of people, they are dealing one to hundreds of students. Is this fair? Is this right? Is this realistic? I think NOT.

The policy is simply unrealistic, unfair and extremely frustrating for us.