The red line policy causes grief among students

Schools all over the nation have many rules but there is one rule at that is controversial, school boundaries. School boundaries have been a rule here ever since the school opened more than ten years ago, it has stopped students from entering a large part of the campus.

Students believe that there should not be school boundaries because they believe it is “unfair” and “doesn’t help or prevent anything.

“We should be able to go anywhere on campus and should not be limited to a small section of the school,”  junior Naveen Kang said.

The school boundaries not only seem unfair to students, but students believe it to be outdated and needs to be changed to accommodate the growing student base.

“The designated lunch area is beginning to become too small and crowded with so many new students,” sophomore Cian Yap said.

Students say that the boundaries prohibit them from learning, students who need to get to their class during lunch to talk with their teacher can not without a intervention stamp. Student believe this to be disabling to their educational rights.

“This stops many students from getting help from there teacher by not allowing them to cross the school boundaries and get to there class,” sophomore Jason Sanchez said.

With many rules at this school one in particular sticks out with overwhelming majority of students against the rule of school boundaries calling it “unfair” and “useless.” Students want the school staff to take notice of the student outrage and work to help the students make a better system of school boundary rules.