Fall fashion tunes in to ‘Scream Queens’


Photo used with permission under fair use.

If you want to know what this season’s fashion trends are, just watch an episode of FOX’s “Scream Queens.” From the fur vests to the high waisted skirts, this horror-comedy is a great place to see trends straight up.

That’s right people; the ‘70s are back. Well, at least it’s fashion is. From fringe jackets to suede skirts, ‘70s fashion is a huge influence in this fall fashion season.

The show centers around a sorority house, Kappa Kappa Tau. The sorority leader, Chanel, is the epitome of outrageous fashion. Her character claims to be related to Karl Lagerfeld, and that he refills her closet at the beginning of every school year with the latest fashion.

Now, I don’t know whether or not Chanel is actually related to Lagerfeld, but her closet is enough to make me believe. From the floor to the ceiling the room is full of the feathers, fur and jewels that scream this season’s trends.

Another recurring fashion statement on the show is the Dolce & Gabbana ear muffs. Chanel #3 is almost never seen without her earmuffs, always sporting a different color to match her outfit.

The only aspect I’d say the costume designers didn’t quite hit was the color palette. While this season is looking more at traditional fall colors like olive green and burgundy, the Chanels’ clothing is all pastel. Hints of baby pink can be found on at least one Chanel every scene.

Maybe that’s the costume designers trying to play a bit of cruel irony in the show. The soft pinks and florals almost distract us from the cruelty of the Chanels. They may look innocent and soft on the outside, but those girls are evil and hard on the inside.

So maybe the Chanels dress a little extreme. I mean, I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear a full, sleeveless dress created entirely out of what looks like sheep wool. Nor would I ever pull of wearing ear muffs with every outfit.

But these girls have something right, you just have to find the right way to tap into that ‘70s style. Maybe get a little advice this Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Fox.