Fifa keeps improving with new features


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Passing, dribbling, kicking, and scoring you name it. All of these things are in the brand new game called Fifa 16 and trust me, this is one of the most intense and action packed games you will ever play.    

Fifa 16 is a soccer game that is based on real life soccer players, soccer leagues, and soccer teams. Fifa 16 was developed by Electronic Arts Incorporated and was released on Sept. 22 , and is already the seventh top game right now. The game costs around $60 for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, but it is worth every penny.  

One big thing that EA has added into Fifa 16 are women soccer players. Out of all of the other Fifas, this is the first one featuring woman. However, the woman are limited in game modes. In a game mode called kick off, the women can only play with the same gender and cannot play men. Also, the women’s teams are only national teams and not actual club teams. EA right now are currently trying to add them into other game modes.

It’s all right if you have never played the game before because in the main menu there is a game mode called training. Training teaches you the basics of the game through real life drills that professionals uses. Through theses drills, the game tells you what buttons to use for the drills. The drills consist of passing, crossing, shooting, dribbling and much more.

Also, EA has improved game play drastically. Before in Fifa 15, it would take a while for the defenders to understand the play causing them to delay, so it allows a big gap for the attackers to easily have a chance to score. However in Fifa 16, the defenders were tweaked to react and work as a unit. Once the defenders understand the play the offensive player is making, the defenders attempt to intercept the pass to stop the play.

In Fifa 16, EA has added no touch dribbling, a new thing to the game that they made a big deal about in their trailer. Players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo use body feints in real life to fake out an opponent without touching the ball. They make movements around and over the ball to fake the defender one way and they go the other direction. EA has added that into their game causing the game play to change dramatically. Some people may not like it because it changes the game play too much, but I like the no touch dribbling because my opponent can’t use speed to get past my slow defenders. In past Fifas, the games were usually based around using speed to get past defenders. However in Fifa 16, no touch dribbling made the game based around dribbling to get past defenders.

My favorite game mode that EA has added is called Fut draft, which had a lot of hype in the Fifa community. Everyone was excited for Fut draft because Fut draft is a new way to play ultimate team, another favored game mode. Fut draft is a game mode where you select players for each position out of five options and create a team with the players you have selected. After you create your team, you play online against other people out of four games.

What I also like about Fifa 16 is the amazing graphic that is in the game. The graphics are mind blowing because of how detailed each players are. The virtual player seems identical to themselves in real life. The reasoning for the graphics being so good is because EA has personally asked superstars to come down and be face scanned into the video game.

Fifa 16 has some flaws that come with it as well. My biggest complaint is that Fifa 16 has lots of server problems which causes it to crash and make you leave the middle of the game. What angers me the most is that I could be in a middle of a game and winning, but all of a sudden you are forced to leave the game because of EA’s bad servers and the game is considered a loss.

Whether you are professional and has played Fifa for years or a beginner, Fifa will keep you entertained for many hours. With these new things on Fifa, there is so much more to do now more than ever. This game is always a great choice for Christmas presents.



by Kenichi Watanabe