Dance classes combine with Rocklin for 4WRD Dance Show

Dance IV prepares for the dance show in a hip hop number. Photo  by ALEXEA NEGRETE

For three nights, the rivalry with Rocklin disappeared, and in its place came the 4WRD Dance Show.

4WRD stands for Dance IV/Whitney/Rocklin/Dance. The tickets were $7 without an ASB card, and $5 with an ASB card and the show was an hour and a half long.

With a blend of Rocklin and this school’s passion for dance, this show is a perfect combination of contemporary, tap, jazz and hip hop. Participating in the show were Dance IV students, both school’s dance teams, and the dance coaches Mrs. Abby Huber from Rocklin, and Ms. Amber Adams.

The absence of the cohost Neil Sunseri on the final night left the other host Jason Hughes, from Rocklin, alone on stage with his unique brand of humor, telling dance puns and keeping the show flowing in between songs. Some popular songs were “I Like It,” “Only Girl,” and “Cowboy Casanova.”

“The dances that I choreographed were to music that was exciting and really easy to move and dance to,” Caitlyn Parker said.

Incorporating both schools, the schedule became apparent: a number by this school followed by a Rocklin dance.

“It was interesting to see the differences between our school and Rocklin’s dance styles,” Molly Miles said.

Talent was displayed throughout the night in the student designed choreography, each performance choreographed by different students based on the style of music and the type of performers.

“Ms. Adams picks students who show leadership and who are good at a certain kind of dance. She knew I was good at dancing en pointe, so I got to choreograph a beautiful pointe dance,” Kayla Krogh said.

With four guys in total from both schools performing, one of the best dances was “Set The Mood” by Darren Garcia, Davonte Brown and Luc Doyle. It consisted of hip hop and humor choreographed by Garcia.

Another memorable performance was “Jar of Hearts” by Rocklin, choreographed by Emily Schwab and Juliet Bennett. This contemporary routine was performed on point.

The finale, “Rock N Roll,” ended the night with an upbeat tune and the only mix of both schools in one dance.

Those who didn’t get a chance to see the show missed out on an entertaining night of dancing talent. However, there is another opportunity in May to see the Wildcat dancers perform their final show of the year.

“We work so hard on all of our dances. These dance shows are a chance for us to show the school the result of our hard work. People never think of dance as a sport, but it gives us a chance to show that we’re just as good as any other athlete, and that we work just as hard,” Parker said.