Sophomores, juniors start Homecoming week with powder puff wins


Amaya Gregory runs the ball for the junior class. Photo by Ella HoChing.

On Oct. 10, girls from all classes played football under the light for the annual powder puff games, battling by class to score homecoming points. The sophomores and juniors claimed victory.

The first game of the night featured the freshman and sophomore classes. The game began with Kiera Utush scoring a touchdown for the sophomores.

“Since we lost the game last year as freshmen, there was a little pressure to win, but overall I think we felt much more prepared this year,” Utush said.

In total, Utush scored two touchdowns and one two-point conversion for her team.

Key sophomore player Lyndsey Melton scored a total of eight points for her team.

“This was my first year playing, and it felt exhilarating to score. It’s cool how [powder puff] allows girls to get recognition for football,” Melton said.

Class of 2019 adviser and powder puff coach Mr. Scott Collins had a simple strategy to win.

“Our method was to give the ball to the good players. It is always rewarding to be successful, but it was also a fun experience, ” Collins said.

The sophomores won the game against the freshmen 36-6.

The juniors and seniors played in the second game. After winning the coin toss, juniors received the ball first and scored a touchdown within the minute.

“I felt pumped and accomplished. I’m proud of my fellow juniors,” Rachel Zufelt said.

The score was close throughout the game; however, in the end, the juniors won 44-32.

“The game was exciting, but it didn’t feel like my last powder puff until the last few minutes; then, I realized ‘this is it’. Since it was our senior year, there was pressure to win, and it sucked to lose. Our offense did really well with the new coaching strategy this year, but our defense struggled,” Kailie Hargis said.

This year, senior powder puff coaches, Mr. Jason Knowles and Mr. Jesus Armas decided to hold up cards to show the girls what plays to use.

“[This strategy] really helped us make less errors because the players didn’t forget what to do. But the juniors have some really talented athletes, and when it came down to it, we just couldn’t pull any of their flags,” Armas said.

In addition to the football game, male cheerleaders chanted on the sidelines and performed at halftime. Alex Martinez was one of the seniors performing his fourth and final routine.

“I have been embarrassed a couple of times in the past, but it’s all good fun. I just wish that more guys got involved every year, because [cheering] really is a lot of fun, especially when your friends are by your side,” Martinez said.

As a result of their powder puff win, the sophomore and junior classes both received points for their Homecoming spirit count.

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