Spending summers at Grandma’s house



Every summer, when I was younger, I would spend with my grandma. My mom had work and my grandma was already retired. Every morning my mom dropped me off at the early hours of the day, the hours where my eyes couldn’t even stay open. When i would get there she’d already have breakfast made. After I ate I would fall asleep until the i was woken by the aroma of chocolate. The smell was sweet, yet savory. also very comforting.

I jumped out of my bed rushing to the kitchen, knowing that my grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies would be awaiting me as I walked in. When i got to the kitchen, she’d ask “Wanna help me with the next batch?” I shouted with excitement as this was my favorite thing to do when I was with her.

I measured out the flour, baking soda and the sugar. She didn’t let me crack the eggs, as she was afraid I would get shell in the batter. After mixing them up we put them in the oven and then I waited the longest 25-30 minutes of my life. But that wasn’t the worst part, one they got out, I had to wait even longer for them to cool! Finally, they were ready to eat. I took the biggest one, the feeling of warmth in my hand. The small circles of buttery sweetest and a hint of salty fill my mouth as a go in for a bite. The chocolate chips were melted to perfection. Now every time I go and see my grandma, we make her famous chocolate chip cookies.