Chill Out at Costco Club


A new club by the name of Costco Club was created this year by a group of sophomores. Every member goes to Costco and buys a treat or dish and brings it to school and they socialize. The club started off as a joke between friends, but presidents Cameron Ahyaee and Andrew Duffey began to take it seriously and soon it became reality. They rounded up a group of friends who have been coming up with new ideas for every meeting.

Ideas to create this club originated at CSF field trip to UC Berkeley and the idea kept lingering and eventually the club was formed. The idea of the club was formed by Ahyaee, Duffey, Bethany Oh, Alyssa Pearce, Kayla Dowd and many more. Through the creation of the club, they have all gotten closer and are wanting to expand their club size.

“I have been trying to publicize our club, but so far it has been all voice and we haven’t been able to truly get ourselves out there so more can join,” Ahyaee said.

Ahyaee created a group chat with the members where he sends reminders and asks for a collaboration of ideas.

“I like getting the group involved because this club isn’t run through me, but [through] the members and what they think would make this club fun. I’m here just to facilitate it and keep order,” Ahyaee said.

They came up with ideas such as making member cards to come in the room like you would to enter Costco. They also have been coming up with design ideas for T-shirts and are planning to make a field trip to a Costco.

“This club is meant to be fun and have a place where everyone can have fun, but there’s times when we need to be serious and expand our group and our make our club bigger,” Ahyaee said.

They talked to Mrs. Jennifer Armas and got their club approved. She is the adviser of the group and enjoys seeing the club slowly blossom.

“I saw that this club wasn’t going to be anything serious, however it can be as well. It’s all for fun now, but I mainly care for them to get a good experience out of it all,” Armas said.

Costco Club meets every Friday in F-7. They are open to new members joining at any time.

Duffey said, “We welcome everyone! It’s very laid back and chill. We just eat food from Costco and have a great time.”

by Kenichi Watanabe