GSA club combines with other schools to create unity

GSA member Kasandra Murillo had decided to step up to take on the responsibility of becoming the president of GSA spring semester of her Junior year. Now she takes on the new responsibility as the club takes the next step in creating a safe space not just for this campus but for other school campuses as well.  GSA is a club that is LGBT(Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) based with allies present to create a very welcoming environment. Club president Kasandra Murillo plans to combine with other schools such as Rocklin, Woodcreek, and possibly even Roseville or Lincoln. These schools plan to meet one day after school somewhere easy to access, most likely outside of school because of school hours for students. Murillo has been a member since her junior year.

Because of the teacher protests [contract issues which led to club meetings being on hold] I wasn’t really able to attend that often I wasn’t really able to attend that often. But they were looking for a new president so I decided to step up and take over,” Murillo said. 

So far the club has been trying to have an event engaging other schools in the community, as well as having some guest speakers share their experiences during the meetings at lunch in room D2.

 Some members of the club are there to gain knowledge and to feed their curiosity about the LGBT community. Sabrina Agaiby joined the club this year in hopes of learning more.

“I wanted to learn more about genders and sexualities, and I’m so excited to expand my knowledge of the community,” Agaiby said.

By combining with different schools, the GSA helps bring different students together with one thing in common. Jacob Pearsall is hopeful for the opportunity to unite with other schools.

“I think it’s a really good thing to have connections with all the other GSA’s and see what it’s like for other schools. [Even though] Whitney High School has its own special experience, there’s obviously a lot of different ones,” Pearsall said. 

Murrillo is still in the process of combining with all the different schools. She hopes that later in the year, GSA members from other schools will be able to join together.