First day of school to include rally, guest speaker


Students prepare for the school year by getting the back-to-school essentials. Photo illustration by Emma Kachmar.

    The first day of school often includes nervous excitement as students navigate their way around campus or reconnect with friends, but this year it will include something new: an all-school assembly.

The first day of school, Aug.16, will start with a morning rally. This is different from going to homeroom first as done in the previous years. Instead, students will enter school through the gym to attend the 40 minute event.

    The rally will not have a theme or a plot line, thus differentiating it from typical Whitney rallies.

    “There is not an official theme per se, but the purpose of the rally is to welcome students to Whitney. The rally sets the tone for the week and year and just gives the school day a positive start. The decorations will be black light-themed which will eventually transfer over for the dance,” Activities Director Travis Mougeotte said.

   However, the usual performances will occur alongside a special guest speaker, Mr. Freddie Silveria. Silveria is a local youth speaker and Del Oro graduate who works with the Breaking Down the Walls program.

    The purpose of the rally is to draw the student body together and further the Whitney United Movement. Dance, cheer and band performances also will take place, along with several rally games.

    “The leadership team this past school year has been striving to create the most inclusive and unified campus we can. As a spirit committee we had the hopes that adding a pep rally would push us even further to reaching our goal. We will be able to have Whitney High School be the main focus, and all classes will be able to connect on the love for the school, the people attending and the many teachers who affect our lives in so many positive ways,” Spirit Commissioner Madison Herren said.    

    “After the rally you’ll go to your homeroom where they’ll give you your schedule. However, freshmen will stay and have their homeroom in the gym where they will get their schedule and planner,” Mougeotte said.     

    Once released from homeroom, a regular odd schedule school day will begin with class periods lasting for a little over an hour.

    “I think people should get pumped and excited for this rally. It’s going to be something Whitney hasn’t seen in several years and it’s going to be such a great way to kick off the coming school year,” Herren said.