Rapper Lil Peep dies at age 21 of laced drug overdose


Nov. 15 singer and rapper, Lil Peep died overnight ahead of a show scheduled in Tucson, Ariz. Lil Peep was found in his tour bus, unresponsive. From the Tucson Police Department, Sgt. Pete Dugan reported that his crew found evidence of a drug overdose by Xanax laced with another powerful drug. Lil Peep’s friend Bella Thorne took her thoughts to social media about Lil Peep’s death “ Peep you deserved more out of life. Life didn’t do your greatness justice.” Bella Thorne said. After this tragedy, mental health conversations started to rise up. People from all around the United States took mental health to social media rapidly. Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz spoke about mental health after Lil Peep’s death to Entertainment Weekly. “And if somebody does(need help), and you notice that somebody does, if you can’t help, you should help them get help.” Pete Wentz said.

“I don’t believe he died by overdose. I think that the drug he took was laced.” Ashley Aria said.

“I didn’t know him but I did hear that he had really sad music.” Alayah Stafford said. Lil Peep made millions of people happy with his songs and will be missed by millions of people.


by Isabella Soto