What you need to know about Senior Ball for ticket sales April 17-20


In the front office, Mrs. Pam Cano stamps the Senior Ball agreement form certifying that students do not have any detentions. Photo by Britney Flint.

Tickets for Senior Ball are on sale April 17-20 during lunch and after school in the student store only. Seniors received an email April 10 from the WHS Activities account with the required items to bring, ticket prices and the dance agreement and guest passes forms to have ready this week.

As part of her role as senior class officer, Sydney Schreiner had the responsibility of coordinating the event.

“One person from your table should collect everyone’s ID cards, money and permission slips signed by your parents and approved by the athletic office. Tickets are $65 for students with ASB, $70 for students and guest passes are $75,” Schreiner said.

Similar to previous years, Senior Ball will be located in Sacramento to provide a more formal dance atmosphere.

“Ball this year is at the Masonic Temple in Sacramento, so it will be really cool to have a new location and venue different than Prom. Since it is Ball, we are also working with a larger budget, which allows us to have nicer food and decorations as well. Our class has fundraised multiple times this year, and we have leftover money from last year as well,” Schreiner said.

Some students are feeling the stress of planning their table seating arrangements, what to wear and where to eat and take pictures.

“Finding a group of eight and fitting my friends with my date’s friends was difficult. It’s really hard because now my date is going to be going with a group of people he’s not very comfortable with,” Michaela Puleo said.

On the other hand, some are letting their friends take the lead for the dance.

“I’m kind of just going along with whatever my group is doing and planning, and then I’m planning a lake day for the day after,” Christian Kolaskey said.

This year’s theme is The Enchanted Forest and will take place May 12 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Seniors have the option of sending photos to [email protected] to be featured in a photo slideshow that will play at Senior Ball.