The Booster Club is actively recruiting

Photo Illustration by EMMA RICHIE

Fundraising for the school and providing new technologies to our students, the Booster Club is up and running again. After past students graduated, their parents lost interest in the Booster Club and the club disbanded. However, the structure is currently getting reformed and a new administration of parents are leading the new club.

“We have already created a constitution and bi laws thanks to a tremendous input by the newly recruited parents. We are trying to get a structure in place,” assistant principal Mr. Mark Williams said.

There are no officials roles yet, but strong parents in the school’s society are now actively recruiting any other parents who want to get involved.

“Every parent is welcomed,” Williams said.

By running fundraising events, the Booster Club benefits the financial aspect of our school. With the money the club raises, administration is able to buy new equipment such as LCD projectors for classrooms and new computers ,and student organizations are able to have financial support.

For the upcoming 2011-2012 school year, the Booster Club have plans to improve the stadium snack bar for football games, run a golf tournament in the fall, a crab feed in the winter, and there is also a possibility of creating an electronic marquee in front of the school. The club does not only support the athletic programs but all school facilities and needs.

The Booster Club’s first meeting is May 10 at 6 p.m. in the school library. Every parent in the community is welcome to join and will be greatly appreciated in the effort to raise money for our school.