Campus grieves loss of former student


Created by friends and family, a small memorial for Anthony Williams sits across from Lucille’s Smokehouse on Lonetree Boulevard. Photo by Lexi Lopez.

After being struck by a vehicle on Lonetree Boulevard, former student and men’s varsity basketball player Anthony Williams passed away March 20 at Sutter Roseville Medical Center.

Williams’ passing came as a shock for many, especially to one of his closest friends, Nyssa Willis. 

“I was introduced to Anthony in sixth grade, and we instantly clicked as friends,” Willis said. Ant and I’s relationship was amazing; It was goofy and positive but we always knew we could talk to each other about anything and never be judged. Ant had a rough life but he always managed to stay positive, happy and lift people up even through his toughest of times. I don’t think there was a day where he wasn’t smiling and helping others, so if he could be positive all the time with everything he went through, so can we. It has been a really tough time for me but God knew it was his time and he took him home. I know he’s looking over me and everyone he cared about and he is protecting us all.” 

Although Williams attended Inderkum this year, he was still connected to students here. 

Close friend Mykaela Sweatt said she hopes the community can take away an important lesson from the situation. 

“I met Anthony when we were very young. He was about my height, and he was a friend to me before he became a boyfriend. Even after the fact, we rekindled again, and told each other we’d always be friends. I feel terrible about his passing because he didn’t deserve it at all. After what he’s been through, he deserves a trophy and a championship ring. Whether it was the driver’s fault or not, I just hope everyone can learn and drive safe because of situations like Anthony’s.” 

As a former varsity basketball player, Williams made close connections with those on the team. 

“We got really close sophomore year during basketball season,” Miles Burke said. “During weights we would lift together and outside of school we would go to the gym and get shots up. Two weeks before he passed, he asked me to hang out but I was so busy I couldn’t so when I first heard he passed I couldn’t believe it, and even now I still can’t. I’m saddened about the news but I keep telling myself that he’s in a better place and now he can be at peace and with his family. I want people to know that no matter what anyone has said about Anthony just know that he was a good kid with big dreams and that he was a human.” 

As a way to honor Williams, friends, students and families have created a small memorial with candles, photos, flowers and balloons at the site where he faced his injuries. A candle lighting will also be held on March 26 at 1801 Whitney Ranch Parkway Rocklin, CA 95765 8:30 p.m to celebrate his life.