Culinary lll students host final Wildcat Cafe of the year

As culinary teacher Mrs. Carissa McCory’s finishes her final weeks on campus, she organized her final Wildcat Cafe after 16 years hosting and teaching students about culinary arts and customer service.

McCrory originally got the idea to start running the cafes when she was at American River College taking culinary classes.

“[American River] has the Oaks Cafe, which is a whole restaurant run by the student chefs,” McCory said. “Planning and cooking the food with my student chefs [is the best part], and seeing the guests enjoy the food is cool, too.”

This spring, McCory will retire from her role here teaching culinary arts. 

“I’m excited for new adventures, but when I think about leaving my kids I feel really sad, too,” McCory said. “Sharing my passion for food and cooking with my students has been its own adventure with so many rewards!”

McCory said it’s likely the cafes will continue next year with the new culinary teacher, Mr. Brian Cramer

During her retirement, she hopes to return as a mentor for the culinary competition team.