The Career & Technical Education pathway ceremony recognizes pathway completers May 13, 2023

A hug is shared between Tyler Williams Mr. Ben Barnholdt to celebrate winning the Student of the Year Award for all CTE students. Photo by Alexandra Bosano.

In the theater, May 13, during fifth period and PAWS, students wait in anticipation, wondering who the CTE student of the year will be. 

“When I won Student of the Year I was shocked. I honestly did not think I would have won it with there being so many other hard-working students in other CTE pathways,” Tyler Williams said.

As a formal way to commemorate a student’s dedication to a Career & Technical Education pathway, they attended a CTE completion ceremony where they received a graduation cord and certificate to signify their achievement of completing three consecutive classes along the same CTE pathway. CTE class teachers also presented speeches acknowledging all the work and effort students put into their program.

“The CTE ceremony was cool. I felt honored to receive the [graphics] certificate and it was nice to be recognized for all my hard work,” Calvin Hensley said.

There are nine different CTE pathways to choose from that allow students to pursue their passion. These include Culinary Arts, Graphic Design and Communications, Publications Design & Multimedia, Child and Adolescent Development, Broadcast Journalism, Building Industry Technology Academy, Business Management, Sports Medicine and Computer Science. 

“Having culinary as my class for three years was amazing since I was interested in everything the class teaches. I love food and taking culinary taught me how to make some of my favorite dishes so I can make them at home instead of buying them from a restaurant,” Tyler Nygren said.

Some classes offer four years in the program, which allows students to take the course for an additional year.

“I chose to take broadcast all four years because it has always felt like my safe place. Although the class is difficult at times, the end product makes it all worth it. Our class is full of such different personalities and it is cool to see people you would not normally see come together. I have met many amazing people from the class, most of my best friends come from that class,” Tyler Williams said

During their time in a CTE program, students develop skills and learn endless lessons that they can use in the future.

“Being in graphics for three years has prepared me for the field I am looking to enter, which is architectural design by helping me develop an eye for design as well as getting familiar with the different Adobe programs,” Boothby said.

To conclude the ceremony, students received chocolate chip cookies made by the culinary department and a showing of the new RUSD video promoting Career and Technical Education classes that will be shown to other RUSD schools in the future. After each student received their certificate, they received an individual photo taken by advanced students Alexis Dashnyam and Reilynn Roux in the Publication Design & Multimedia pathway.