No chocolate leads to no life


Missie Caracut

Fruits or Chocolate?


On September 23rd,  I started my week long challenge of separating myself from chocolate. I could honestly say that it was the worst week of my life. Eating sweets regularly didn’t help my craving for a king size Hersheys bar or a double chocolaty chip frappuccino. So as the first day passed by slowly, I started to regret why I ever chose to do such a stupid challenge.


 Throughout the next three days I avoided the taunting pantry filled with sugary delights and limited myself to fruits and bacon, but it wasn’t enough as I finally took an ice cream sandwich from my freezer and ate it in delight. There was no guilt as I ate one after another, probably filling my body with diabetes.

The next day, I woke up feeling sick and I realized that this was all due to the chocolate. My whole family stared at me as I walked around like a zombie trying to find the nearest apple I could find . My brother started laughing and said, ”See I told you, you couldn’t do it.” I glared at him but even though I wish it wasn’t true, I did fail, but for four days I lived without eating any chocolate and I think that’s the best I could ever do without dying.

Even though I already disappointed in the first try, I made up for it by starting over again on this three day weekend, starting Friday, Oct. 11, I once again forced myself away from chocolate and I promised to myself that I could do it this time. I walked into the snack bar and ordered Bosco sticks while eyeing the chocolate chip cookies at the other side of the counter, but as much as I wanted them I knew that I could survive at least three more days and so grabbing my Bosco sticks from the blonde lunch lady, I walked out without any kind of chocolate in my hands.

 Saturday and Sunday were an ease as I avoided any kind of sweets that I spotted and sticked to fruits and Panda Express. Now, on Monday Oct. 14, my challenge is almost over and even though I failed the first time, I tried again and I became successful.


I learned a lot from this challenge and it’s that what you eat in your life is important to your health and the way you act. For example, if I drink Starbucks then I become super hyper but because I avoided all those things, I was more calm and relaxed. Eating healthy is also essential because it’s how you maintain your body weight. You don’t ever want to be going around eating 10 chocolate bars when instead you can eat more healthy foods.

Being a sweet tooth, I’ve learned that you can break away from your addictions!