Night sky offers view into another world


Greg Zhelezny uses a computer to look up stars visible this month. Oct. 24. Photo by JOEL TIMMS


I’ve never tried stargazing myself, not for any particular reason except for sheer laziness. Looking up into the sky, I realize now what the people I knew were talking about.

Some people stargaze by using telescopes to see stars, planets, and some other galaxies. Others just simply look into the sky and observe what the night sky offers to the naked eye. For myself, I chose the latter.



I take a glimpse at what seems to be the whole universe as I look into the vast night sky, entranced by its appearances.

It was a chilly night when I rested down on the ground, lifting my head up to observe the star spangled sky. Many of my friends and people I know have told me that it is one of the most calming things to do.

The seemingly motionless beauty of the stars left me in awe as I glanced over the scene. It was something you’d expect to be exaggerated in movies to look more picturesque, but the amazing part is that it is all natural.

Looking at all this it is amazing to think that all this around me is so large, and so far away, yet it all looks so perfectly synchronized and orderly down here on Earth. It makes you wonder how so many blazing rocks traveling at the speed of a bullet can come together to make a beautiful night sky that seems unchanging.

Then I get this feeling of how distant everything is in the universe. Some stars are big enough to envelop our whole solar system, yet they still just look like a white flash of light from Earth. Every star in our line of sight seems to be right in front of us, looking like it’s aligned with every other star, no matter how far or close that star may be.

I realized that’s the beauty of it. The fact that no matter where you are in universe you feel connected with everything else. When you stargaze, you feel yourself attached to this universal link, and find yourself giving to it, and taking in feeling as well.



Some people may say that it’s pretty boring to look into the night sky, but I think it’s one of the most magical things to do now, and I’m glad I got the chance to do it.