Ear piercing allows for self re-evaluation


Ariella Appleby gets her ears pierced for the first time. Photo by Alicia Appleby. Photo taken on Oct. 14.


Every type of accessory imaginable was hanging on the wall as I walked into Claire’s. I was nervous and my squeaking Converse seemed to reveal that.


As I walked towards the earrings I was greeted by a familiar face — the sight of one of my old basketball teammates, which calmed me down and got me thinking about the good old days when I played the sport I loved.

With my confidence renewed, I walked up with my mom to the register.

A nice lady asked me if I needed anything.

“Yes. I am here to get my ears pierced,” I said.

I nervously rubbed my hands together. She gave a wide smile.

“Well then, let’s get you started,” she said.

She lead me and my mom to the seats and I gave my mom the camera and angled the chair so the lighting was good. She told me to look at all the options and their pricing.  I studied all of them carefully. I picked 14K white gold 3mm long.

The antibacterial solution felt cold as it was  wiped over my ears. The technician pulled out the earrings I had chosen and put them into the gun. She then asked me why I was getting my ears pierced.

I sat there for a while and thought. I was doing this because I’m turning 17 and I have never gotten them pierced. I was doing this because it was something I had wanted to do since the beginning of sophomore year but couldn’t because I played sports. It was also a sign of a change for me, I was no longer the tom boy I used to be throughout elementary school and most of middle school. I was becoming a mature person.

So I said what I was thinking and she started the process. making purple dots on my ears with a pen and having my mom sign papers. She placed the gun over my ear and I cringed as I felt it pierce through my skin.

She repeated the process with my other ear and I sat for a second in shock trying to gather my thoughts and to realize that the thing I had held out on doing for 16 years and 11 months was over. I had done something I used to fear.

She showed me how I was to clean my ears three times a day for the next six weeks.

I paid and walked out of the store with my ears red and newly pierced.


It only hurt for a while, and after I felt like a new person.