The Quarry Bowl pregame

It will be maroon versus blue on Sept. 10 as the Wildcats go head to head with the Rocklin Thunder in football. The big event, called the Quarry Bowl, will take place at Rocklin High, with gates opening at 4:30 pm. The game is expected to sell out before Friday, so here’s how to get your tickets.

Tickets are on sale to all students at the student store for $5 each, but students can only purchase one ticket. Parents and other adults, as well as students who want to buy more tickets, can buy them on Wednesday from 7 am to 3:15 pm at a booth outside the large gym for $8 each. All remaining tickets will be sold at the game on Friday night. Children who under 5 will get in for free.

Though this is the first time the two schools will meet in football, the team is optimistic about their chances.
“Honestly, I think we have a great chance of winning,” varsity linebacker Brandt Wright said, “Rocklin High has had their chance, and now it’s ours.”

The freshman, JV, and varsity teams have been preparing for the game by scrimmaging and practicing plays. The freshman team will be playing Rocklin on Thursday, leading up to the big event on Friday, when both JV and varsity will play.  “We make sure our players know what to do and how to do it,” freshman head coach Bret Hunter said, “We prepare to win every game.”

The Quarry Bowl has generated a lot of excitement at both schools and in the community.
“Football really attracts people here, and the healthy rivalry between our schools and the fact that we’ve never done this before has really made this game exciting,” Hunter said.