Freaks and shrieks galore on ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’


Photo used with permission under fair use.

Two-Headed Twins, Lobster Boy, World’s Tallest Lady, Bearded Woman, female hermaphrodite, spoiled rich kid with a sick mind. What’s not to love? Oh, there’s also a psycho killer clown named Twisty.

It almost goes without saying that “American Horror Story” thrives during the Halloween season. October is not just the time of year for horror movies and jack-o’-lanterns, but for the thrill of waiting every week for a new hour and 20-minute episode of this addicting television series. The fact that it syncs up with the holiday it was created to run in tandem with just gives it that much more applause, and less annoyance for the commercials. If you’re a fan of the freaky, scary and just plain weird, then you will fall into a deep obsession with this season.

The season premiere of “Freak Show,” the fourth season of the series, came out on Oct. 8 and immediately captured fans, newcomers and myself into what is known as the AHS Fandom. A whole circus filled with bizarre beings? What could go wrong? Well, one thing is for sure; never call them freaks. Set in 1952 Jupiter, Florida, this season tells the story of one of the last remaining freak shows in America and their struggle for survival.

Not only does it satisfy me that the creators of the show brought back some of my favorite actors/actresses, but also how well they play their characters this season. The incredibly talented Jessica Lange returns this season with a whole new accent, literally. She plays the German ring leader of the freaks with an obsession for fame by the name of Elsa Mars. I was unsure of her new character after watching the first episode, but just like every other season, she continued to amaze me with her talent.

The so-called “Lobster Boy” Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) does not like the idea of being called a freak, even though he himself is one, and will make sure everyone knows. Although he can be intimidating, he gave me a sense of softness for the other characters in the freak show.

The most interesting character in the “troupe of curiosities” is Bette and Dot Tattler (Sarah Paulson), the two-headed twins. So far it is obvious that Dot would rather be without the annoying extra head of her oblivious sister, as she had a gruesome dream of having her sister’s head surgically removed with a saw so that she could be “free.”

Now, if you think these characters are strange enough, they are only the beginning. Take a moment to imagine the scariest, creepiest, most gruesome and terrifying clown you can think of. Yes, Twisty The Clown (John Carroll Lynch) is here, and he’s coming for you. This clown made me very paranoid of going out at night. With the complete bottom part of his jaw, teeth, and chin gone from trying to blow his head off with a rifle, he wears a mask he made himself portraying a very demented smile. Talk about a creative DIY! Twisty enjoys kidnapping children, locking them in his trailer, and putting on small performances for them while they scream. Oh, and if you thought that was extensive, he also enjoys killing anyone who gets in his way without saying a word.

The entertainingly terrifying season continues Wednesdays on FX at 10 p.m.


by Genesee Harmon