The Oscars lose their golden touch among teenagers, few still tune in


Some hate it with a passion. Some eagerly await each and every year to see the fashion trends and little golden men handed out. Either way, it’s clear that the Oscars seem to be more and more of a big deal each year. They’ve become more than just awards; the Oscars have quickly morphed into a determining factor of actors’ successes. And yet, for some, the Oscars are just another passing by, nothing more than just a regular event.

“I don’t really care about the Oscars. It’s not really my thing. If they’re on and I can’t find the remote, then sure, I’ll watch them. Other than that, I honestly don’t care at all,” Nowaf Sanif said.

This year, Neil Patrick Harris will take center stage to host the Oscars. If it’s anything like last year’s Ellen Degeneres’ infamous Oscar selfie, then viewers will certainly be in for an interesting show.

“I really like Neil Patrick Harris. I think that he’s very entertaining, so I think he’ll do a great job hosting the awards,” theatre teacher Mrs. Julie Hilliker said.

This Sunday at 7 p.m. ET, millions will tune in their TVs to channel three. Millions more will just enjoy a regular day, actively avoiding anything and everything to do with the Oscars.

“I’m looking forward to Best Motion Picture overall. It’s also always exciting to see the Best Actor and Actress. I’ll probably watch [the Oscars] live, while live-tweeting the whole thing,” Jonah Petty said.

With all the buzz going around for the upcoming awards, it’s no surprise that not all the nominations are met with applause. Certain films are very controversial, like “American Sniper” which has some calling it propaganda.

“I’ll only watch a movie if I personally have interest in it. I’m not going to see ‘American Sniper’ if it wins an award. I’m just not going to watch it at all, because I don’t support [the politics surrounding the film],” Petty said.

Some categories are met with disdain, but others are met with admiration and hopefulness. Theatre teacher Mrs. Julie Hilliker said that through her experiences with designing and putting together props and sets for two Whitney theatre productions, looks forward to the technical categories. And while it might be tradition for some people to race out to see a movie after the Academy Awards, simply because it won an award or three, it’s not for Sanif.

“I’ll see a movie if it falls into my interest category, but not just because it won Best Picture. I honestly don’t care at all,” Sanif said.

Despite how closely related the Oscars and theatre are, there are still some people who are hesitant to buy into the buzz of the Oscar season and instead resent the entire production.

Theatre student Bailey Adkins said, “I’m not interested in the Oscars. I feel like they’re a waste of my time, even though I’m really in theatrical stuff and movie production.”