Students’ face dress code as the school year continues


Assistant principle Mrs. Jennifer Hanks talks to Gabby Barquet about the dress code rules. Photo taken by Missie Caracut.

As the school year progresses, one rule students’ have to face is the dress code. Over the summer, a rumor started on social media that caught many students’ attentions, that the dress code would be modified to allow tank tops.

While temperatures continue to reach the high ‘90s, the weather creates dilemmas on what students should wear that still fits the dress code. Not only do students have to follow it, but teachers have a job to enforce it.

“I would hope that the dress code is being more strictly enforced this year. I have seen some very inappropriate attire recently, so it should not only be administration that has to enforce it,” geography teacher Ms. Suzie Main said.

Main, who is in charge of the senior mentoring program, said she takes the dress code seriously and will inform her senior mentors when they are out of dress code to set an example for the underclassmen.

The dress code itself has been a growing controversy not only here, but in many other schools across the country about what is appropriate enough to wear to school. Although the administrators and staff are briefed on the dress code rules, some students disagree about its purpose.

“I feel that the dress code is unnecessary, because we all come to school to learn and if an individual wants to wear something that’s ‘against dress code’ it shouldn’t be a problem as long as they’re getting educated,” Matthew Sanchez said.

Some rules straight from the dress code state that tank tops, halter tops, and low cut shirts are prohibited, and no hats are allowed at school at any time other than during school activities such as dress up days.

Administrators have been standing by the front entrance of the school warning students of dress code violations before the school day starts. Students who fail to follow the dress code are expected to change into school appropriate-clothing or will be sent home.

“I got dress coded by one of my teachers for wearing shorts that were too short, but according to other teachers I was still in dress code,” Kelani Learson said.

The official dress code rules appear on page 19 inside the student planner.