Students clash while playing Smash Bros


Walking past the C building during lunch, it’s not too hard to find yelling and cheering on Fridays.

Smash Club meets every Friday in C-4 during lunch to play Super Smash Bros, a series of two-dimensional arena fighting games. The games feature a host of popular Nintendo characters, as well as numerous complicated battle strategies. It also requires both physical dexterity, and mental strength.

“A lot of it is the mental part of it, kicking your friends’ butts by getting in their heads,” Reilly Sears said.

Sears is both the founder and president.

“[The club] is off to a shaky start, but it’s going better now because we’re incorporating some new ideas and such,” Sears said.

New ideas such as a tag-team system, where two players can create their own team and battle other Smash duos. The result is a highly intense, and highly competitive gaming environment.

“The doubles system I’m not very used to, because I never really play doubles, but it’s a good way to mix things up,” Sam Gonzales said.

According to Connor O’Brien, many of the club meetings become very intense, and the shouting of the players can be heard in the next room over.

“When I first get in there, it’s pretty chill, but when people start getting in it’s really competitive. It’s kind of competitive to get to the remote sometimes,” Yuri Schwander said.

Competitive gameplay is also a large part of the Smash Club culture.

“We’re going to have a tournament at the end of the year,” Sears said.

The prize for first place has not been confirmed, but Sears hinted at a custom controller.

Anyone who beats Sears during a club meeting will win the greatest prize of all: a single Oreo.

Smash Club is a place for competitive people to gather and participate in their shared interest of the culture of the Smash Bros series.