Whitney Update

Some things never change

Some things never change

Carina Pasquale, Staff Writer
November 5, 2016
Bonding with my mom over food

Bonding with my mom over food

Elizabeth Hernandez, Staff Writer
November 4, 2016
A rocky, chocolatey road

A rocky, chocolatey road

Mike McKibbon, Staff Writer
November 3, 2016
Cheerleaders smile for a picture at a football game. Photo by Nicole Ferguson

Cheer tryouts begin early May

Chrysten Burleigh, Staff Writer
April 25, 2016
JV Wildcats running in at halftime.
Photo by Zachary Hall

Mens’ JV basketball against Roseville ends 69-75

Zack Hall, Staff Writer
January 29, 2016
Evan Bowden in his ROTC uniform. Picture taken by: Chrysten Burleigh

Evan Bowden is an Air Force Brat

Chrysten Burleigh, Staff Writer
January 28, 2016

The red line policy causes grief among students

Logan Watkins, Staff Writer
October 1, 2015

Women’s tennis talks about the importance of a team

Luke Wetzel, Staff Writer
October 1, 2015

Sacanime Summer receives mixed reviews from fans

Madeleine Woodward, Staff Writer
October 1, 2015
Photo used with permission under fair use.

Kindness lessons promote anti-bullying campaign

Adriana Pena, Staff Writer
April 27, 2015
Leaky water faucets waste thousands of gallons of water per year.

California’s drought takes a drastic turn

Andrei Buado, Staff Writer
April 17, 2015
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